I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playboy Bunny Arabs Sway Blondes

How many times have we all heard about these idiot men who come from the Middle East (especially the GULF) who study or work in Western countries. They search for NEW MUSLIMAHs preferably white and blonde. They feed them a load of garbage to sway their innocent minds.
They promise someday they'll take them to their home countries to fully experience Islam but then after a few months or years they just up and leave behind girlfriends and wives and go back to their country to marry a pure virgin girl from home. Can't disappoint Mama and Baba now can we?
I'm not saying all Arabs do this but there are a sure whole lot that do. They think they are Allah's Gift to women and they must spread their beauty and charm as far as they can.
You little boy toys make me sick! You act like playboy bunnies! Most the time you're bringing these sister farther from Real Islam then they would have faced had they not met your evil souls. Sisters do your research first! Have some respect for yourselves and learn to make proper Islamic Marriage Contracts. They are to blame but so are you girlfriend if you let yourself be had.
if you're in one of these dead-end relationships, GET OUT! He is using you. His precious Mama don't want nothing to do with your little Western butt. She's got a lovely second cousin picked out for your beloved just waiting til he finishes his studies. Studies!?! Yeah right, studies in Anatomy is more like it.
Hippity-hop back to your little holes now bunnies. PLEASE don't come out again!


Thirst For Knowledge said...

ugh i cant stand men like this! Unfortunately a lot of the men who do this are Arabs! Especially men from Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, etc. As a revert i cant tell you how many times i have been approached by men who knew nothing about me except that i was a new muslimah, fair skinned with blue eyes. It wasnt until i started wearing hijab and niqab that i could go about my day in peace. For some reason, most of the arab men who work in gas stations and convienece stores feel the need to hit on any woman that walks into their store, especially a revert muslim who has fair skin. I find it disgusting how men will date and have sex with any woman and then have high expectations of ONLY marrying a virgin. I have heard them in my classes talking to one another about clubs, and girls, i have even seen them with their "muslim" girlfriends, and i want to stop the girl and tell them that he has no desire to be with you long term. In the end he will have his mom pick out a nice, virgin girl, who he will cheat on and probably abuse. Sisters, becarefull, especially if the guy makes too many promises! Also, i should add that its not just brothers who are hooking up, there are a LOT of sisters who are having anal sex so that when they get married they look like virgins to deceive their new husbands. Sick world we live in. I really appreciate your blog because you are so honest and express things that everyone is aware of but too afraid to admit!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Thirst: man! you should tell them! open their pretty eyes!

and OH MY! thats a new shocker for me anal virgins. Do you have links? I wanna research this one! Are they lez? or anal with men?

Anonymous said...

well, the nice thing is though that, at least for guys from the UAE, at lot of their little virginal cousins aren't so pure after all. He might think he is getting one but the operation to repair damaged hymens is extremely popular among Emirati girl. Other girls just have everything but vaginal sex (that means anal and oral). So, while it probably isn't very consoling for the western girl who got her heart broken by an Emirati guy, at least it is good to know that the joke very well may be on him...

and to top it off he will have inbred offspring. I can always tell the families that marry their first cousins :P

Intisar said...

Yes, the anal sex thing is true. A brother once told me that a girl back home asked him to do this thing to her but alhamdulilah he refused to be so trashy and let her demean herself in such a manner! InshaAllah he has learnt his lesson about flirting, and is guided to a straighter path. These girls too... so sad.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Oh yes the repairable hymen is on my posting list.
But man i've got to check out more about the anal women.

I guess it's some consolation knowing they might not be gettign anything good either.

Intisar glad the man was guided right.

Pixie said...

Yeah, the anal woman is often your "hot veiled" minx, only she is more "your hot veiled girlfriend" and the man knows what her face looks like.

Pixie said...

A video about how the playboy will speak to you to trick you:

Safiyyah said...

Hmmm ... while we are on the topic of being so righteous and judgmental, let's not forget about the way we talk about our Muslim sisters ... their sins are between them and Allah (swt).

BARAN said...

salams sister,ur blog is rely wondeful..I m living in a place where its very hard to do da'wah.its due to those day when I was explaining to my christian roomate bout its haram for muslimah to sit with a man in same room.(khalwat).then u know wat did she say? she said "dats y ur boys(arabian guys) come here n become crazy running after local blondie girls." she said with high tone n did surprised me a lot.i felt very much painful n extremely sad.I went to my close fren n cried ther...rely I hate those guys..they nt spreading the truth,instead they give bad impression to our religion.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

So true Pixie, so sadly true.

Thnaks you for your input Safiyyah

Baran, i'm so sorry you are having a rough time! to bad it happens so often!

Grace said...

Has anybody read "Girls of Riyadh"?

Safiyyah said...

Grace - I have read it.

Nicole D said... a blondish victim of one of these boys you talk about. its really hurtful..because most westerns are accepting and have been taught to give everyone a chance despite race/religion..not knowing they are not being given the same...if anything this has given me a reason not to respect or like arab people and to think their ways are really backward even though they are pursuing advanced degrees in universities these days. however..they still want to follow or agree to follow traditions that were set-up in the pre-islamic days and still follow this type of thinking..the same type of thinking and traditions as when people worshiped the sun and moon and the 300 other gods in the kaba before Mohammed (pbuh)..why they agree to follow this after an education and after all the religion teachings shows real weakness of the mind and character..for marrying- any muslim person is allowed.. but for some reason there is tremendous bigotry against a gulf person marrying an paki or indonesian even thought they are also muslim..their parents should feel ashamed at their selfishness and lack of social progression..i dont mean be like the West but a least progress from a mentality that is set up for wandering tribesmen to survive..i mean we are a couple of thousands of years into having cities...i really have lost all respect and patience for their closed and racist dare they complain when they feel the West has said something offensive to them..they are the biggest hypocrites and biggots i have ever known..Arabs who move West should feel lucky we are so tolerant because the same would not be given if the move was the other way..I am not "trash talking" your religion but i am trashing the people that claim to follow it but act in unkind, hypocritical selfish ways. i hope God brings justice to them all for they deserve nothing less than terrible punishment for their hurtful ways and ignorance.
also i think cousin marriage is one of the worst..and you will defeat yourselves if you do not stop the practice. there is a reason why the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) wasnt able to have a child with a cousin but was only able to impregnate are not supposed to breed with such a close relative unless its absolutely totally wipes out genetic diversity and natural selection (part of God's design). thats why there are defects in the children of these matches..and they aren't even your cousins anymore because genetically they are like a sister or brother because of too many successive interbreeding of technically the persons DNA is closer than a cousin which is not allowed...why would you want to do this? does mindless tradition from 2000 years ago..trump any common sense, scientific study, and bad results...?

Anonymous said...

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