I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Consensual Rape?

It's a sad day in Islam when people are looking up to THIS man for advice in their religious affairs and marital affairs. HOW DARE HE!!!!!

HOW DARE HE!!!!!!!!!!

A woman raped by her husband is not doing something consensual!!!!
Can you imagine the torment! Go on and imagine it, if you can't let me paint the picture.

A woman loving and trying to please her husband, growing together over the years. Trying to deal with the difficulties. Perhaps he's a difficult husband but she tries to be patient. One day he snaps, orders her to bed and then forcefully takes her there. On their bed of comfort. Hurting her in the more horrid ways known to man. Not a stranger, not a quickie and then she never sees him again.... HER LOVER, HER HUSBAND, PROBABLY THE FATHER OF HER BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!!!!!!!
If this has happened to you, you SHOULD involve the police because it is HARAM and illegal and absolutely wretched of him. (Same goes if a woman rapes her husband and don't say it can't happen it can, but men talk less). GET HELP!!!!! Take a friend with you for moral and emotional back-up if you think you'll crack.

For this "scholar" to be defending and MAKING FLIMSY EXCUSES for this is absolutely rubbish.
He should be removed, and re-educated. The people should not stand for this!

Yes he has a point that a woman shouldn't refuse her husband and a man can enter her how he pleases, BUT RAPE...IS NOT IN THOSE DESCRIPTIONS AND IS OPPOSITE TO WHAT MUSLIMS SHOULD BE IN THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. A woman shouldn't refuse to keep their bond strong, as perhaps when being pleased she will feel tenderness for him if he upset her. Also to prevent him from seeking services elsewhere for his NEED. A man can enter how he and she pleases as in positions and having fun, not to harm or to cause her pain.

This is where the story came to my attention: You can read the whole bit there. I hope they really shun him and never go to him for marital advice.

ALLAHU AKBAR, who gave women the most rights in all of civilization!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry Followers

Been super busy going to work lately have no energy for blogging really. Will get some time later this month for blogging. Be strong remain firm in Islam.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Abortion Advice...

THIS COMMENT BELOW brought out my FURY! I am so furious on behalf of this poor woman. I want all of you out there to give her the honest best advice you can because my word alone will probably not suffice.

ANONYMOUS SAYS: "I am a non muslim. My boyfriend is Muslim. He has been seeing me in secret from his family. He says he wants to marry me, but his family will not accept me. He introduced me to the mother and she hated me - I am uncovered.My family were none to happy either. Nothing could keep us away from eachother, and so we kept seeing eachother in secret, its been 2 and a half years now, and eventually we started sleeping together. We were very careful: I got the mirena coil which is 99.9% effective contraception. Now, despite a 1 in 1000 chance, I am pregnant and he wants me to have an abortion. He says he cannot bear the humiliation. Humilitation? did you hear that? I am his humilitation. I am still secret from his family: they will never know what I am going through. Maybe some day, this man will marry a nice sweet young pious girl: whilst I carry the scars the rest of my life. He claims he is a devout believer in the will of Allah. Humph. Really doesn't seem that way."

He is most certainly NOT a devout Believer. Abortions!!! Fornication!!! Lying!!! You are not something to be humiliated about! You are a woman whom he took advantage of. As for what to do about the future.
#1 Do not get an abortion. That poor baby is probably quite far along by now and has a soul. For you both to kill that soul is cruel. It's an innocent baby. After it's born you'll look at that face and be in love for the rest of your life.
#2 Get help from your family first. You're going to need their love and support. They wont be happy about this and sure it will cause a lot of drama but they are your family and you need to be open with them. (unless you fear for your life or the life of your child).
#3 Stop seeing this jerk. You may be ga-ga over him but who the heck wants to stay with someone like that, they can't even show your face to his family?!??!
#4 Either after the baby is born or a few months after call his mother and break the good news. Tell them it's your baby and HIS baby and that you will be raising it on your own.

Honestly I don't know how the drama will unfold as I don't know these people but that is my advice. But Please NUMBER ONE is soooooo important ok. I wish you well in this life. Have more respect for your self and your body dear sister and keep it safe for the one who will put a ring on your finger and proudly show you off to his family and will happily show off your baby bump. When you find that man keep him.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where's Your Husband Been?

"Honey, it's Ali again on the phone!" the wife calls out handing off the cell to her husband. Her husband quickly puts his newspaper down and grabs the phone. "Yes Ali! How are you! We must meet up again! .......*mumble*....... Great see you then!" He says making plans. He kisses his lovely wife on the cheek and shrugs. "Sorry cancel dinner but I have to go visit Ali. It's very important for work." He brushes by her and heads up stairs to change for his meeting. He takes a fast shower puts on his coolest clothes and over them a dark blue thobe so no one can tell his clothes underneath. He flips on his shades even though it's evening and with a quick spritz of cologne goes down stairs.
His wife is waiting by the door with a little smile on her face, "When can I expect you back?" She looks hopeful. He's glad he's wearing the sunglasses. "Sorry dear but Ali sounded like it could be a late meeting. We have to meet with various people. I'll kiss you when I arrive ok habibati?" And he breezes out the door leaving a wafting cloud of fragrance in his wake. The wife sadly closes the door deeply inhaling the scent of her beloved. She prepares herself for an evening alone.
Meanwhile her husband Omar revs his engine gleefully and swerves into the busy traffic of a Thursday night. He races the whole way there. He vies for a parking spot at the biggest mall in the city. After getting one he hops out the car and with no one looking he whips off his thobe and leaves it in the car. Revealing tight straight legged light blue denim jeans and a snug dark grey t-shirt that shows off his large chest muscles and biceps. He does a quick flex and then checks himself in the reflection of the car before going into the mall. His eyes under the light brown tinted glasses roving for his friend. Ah, there he is. He walks up with a swagger to his closest friend and shakes his hand strongly and hugs him tightly before kissing him thrice upon his cheeks. They lightly hold hands as they walk through the lower level of the mall. Here and there a whisper about that hot person or that other one. "Look at the ass on that hottie!" Ali whispers pointing out a pair of tight pants. The wearer is with their family so Omar leads Ali to another target. "Aha!" Omar says spotting a young hottie all alone on a bench chatting on their cell phone.
They sit next to young hottie and after they put their phone away Ali beins chatting asking leading questions. Omar does the casual flirting in the background. They decide this hottie is going home with them tonight. They invite young hottie to go for a walk and while walking invite hottie over for some movies and hanging out. Hottie is flattered and accepts.
They pile into Ali's SUV and make their way to his home. Ali is single luckily and doesn't have to worry about a nagging wife. They set up some snacks and put a dirty movie in to set the scene. Hottie is impressed they are stocked with porn. After watching for a while Omar suggests they go to the bedroom. All three start shedding clothes for a full out threesome. Omar and Ali love the spice of having a different third person regularly. After an hour or two they all fall exhausted onto the bed. They are all soaked with sweat and Omar looks at the clock bleary-eyed. Already after two. Omar shakes Ali awake and motions at the third. Ali grins. They wake up their young hottie and coerce them into the shower. All together they proceed to take each other again while covered in fancy soap. After exhausted again they all get out and get dressed.
Finally they pile back into Ali's SUV and go back to the mall. They drop off the third at the entrance. "See you again insha'Allah habibi Ahmad." They call to him and then Ali drives off to drop Omar at his car. No one is around since the mall is closed so before he jumps out they french kiss goodbye. Then Omar opens his car dons his thobe and gets in. They both leave their separate directions. As Omar reaches his home and gets out he sees the upstairs light on. He groans disappointed. He goes inside and up the stairs. Sure enough there is his beautiful young wife waiting for him in leather lingerie. She looks like a model. She pouts and holds out her arms to him.
He lays down completely dressed in her arms and it doesn't take long before he's fully asleep. She's sorely disappointed he didn't' want her again tonight. Even though she spent the last hour preparing herself. She sighs and turns off the lights. As she cuddles closely she breathes deeply and then does a double take. That was not the perfume he was wearing when he left! It wasn't perfume at all! She sniffs again in his hair. That is not his shampoo. He's taken a shower while he was out. She starts suspecting something. Has he found another woman? Did he sleep with some whore? Her mind is racing. She has to find out. She sneaks off the bed and gets Omar's phone. She goes down stairs and dials Ali.
"Hey baby! Did the b*tch find out? I loved f*cking you tonight, let's make plans to do it again next week ok!" Ali says excitedly. She's taken aback. Absolutely stunned.
"Hello? Omar? Baby you there? Shoo you're too sleepy to talk to your habibi? Yalla get some sleep. See you tomorrow at Jummah ok?" Ali says and hangs up. Her shaking hand closes the phone and deletes the call from the history. She goes back upstairs and just stares at the stranger in her bed.
How could she have not known he was gay? What will she do now?......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"He's a Pedophile" Part1

When searching a definition of Pedophile. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), pedophilia is specified as a form of paraphilia in which a person either has acted on intense sexual urges towards children, or experiences recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about children that cause distress or interpersonal difficulty.[4] Wiki.

Now when we research the many types of people that do this either through incest or through external means we find patterns of behavior that are repetitive. Many people have depression, stress, anxiety, and have fantasies of children. They are also loners and anti-social. They many times resort to sordid behaviors and immoral conduct to cover their desires.

Once they have a child they bribe it with niceness to make it trust the person. They teach it new ways to be loved, ways that are not good for themselves and the child. They tell the child with promises or threats not to tell anyone. They are furtive and secret and they warn the child to be too. They cause fear and emotional and usually physical harm to the child that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Now for non-Muslims who very well know the dangers of Pedophiles the thought of anyone having a good relationship free from sin and filth and harm with a child is unthinkable. Even if that "child" may be a mature adult mentally and physically.
Yet in Islam we have formed different ideas about what is acceptable and what is not with regards to consensual age of sex. We believe a person is physically ready by Allah's Will when they menstruate and have their first ejaculation. Mentally this differs. Some are later than others. Some are earlier than others. Some are ready mentally before they even have physical readiness. Yet the modern world just slaps a one-fits-all age of maturity on everyone. usually unsaid at 16, acknowledged at 18, and fully at 21. Yet time and time again we hear of young women having babies at 10,11, 14 etc... with the fathers also near this age. They are shunned by society. Many times we see older men marrying women 1/4th their age and loving responsibly their wives. As long as the woman is over legal age no one really says too much out loud.

A PEDOPHILE! This makes me F U R I O U S !!!
Because Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad in a dream the face of Aisha, who he was to marry. He told her parents about the dream. HE DIDN'T HIDE! It wasn't some fantasy! It's wasn't some wicked desire. He didn't dream of illicit relations he dreamed of her face! They came and asked her opinion. It wasn't secret. He wasn't slyly tricking her to marry him. She consented. The greatest proof of all that He is NOT a PEDOPHILE is he waited until she was physically mature to consummate the marriage. Pedophiles on the whole are not attracted to more mature bodies. They like smooth, young, innocent. Pubic hair for them is a turn off. So why would he wait if he was a wicked man as they claim him to be? Why would he marry old, widowed with children women if he so desired young women. He could literally have his pick of any woman in Arabia and who did he choose? The needy.
He was kind and friendly with Aisha. She wasn't afraid or traumatised by him. She became one of the greatest narrators of Hadith. Surely if she had been victimised she would have been telling horrid story after horrid story after the Prophet's death but she didn't she always told what a wonderful man he was.

So again it makes me FURIOUS when people say again and again that Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad is a Pedophile. A man whom Allah created to be the Seal of All Prophets and the greatest Man He created who had the most righteous character.