I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"He's a Pedophile" Part1

When searching a definition of Pedophile. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), pedophilia is specified as a form of paraphilia in which a person either has acted on intense sexual urges towards children, or experiences recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about children that cause distress or interpersonal difficulty.[4] Wiki.

Now when we research the many types of people that do this either through incest or through external means we find patterns of behavior that are repetitive. Many people have depression, stress, anxiety, and have fantasies of children. They are also loners and anti-social. They many times resort to sordid behaviors and immoral conduct to cover their desires.

Once they have a child they bribe it with niceness to make it trust the person. They teach it new ways to be loved, ways that are not good for themselves and the child. They tell the child with promises or threats not to tell anyone. They are furtive and secret and they warn the child to be too. They cause fear and emotional and usually physical harm to the child that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Now for non-Muslims who very well know the dangers of Pedophiles the thought of anyone having a good relationship free from sin and filth and harm with a child is unthinkable. Even if that "child" may be a mature adult mentally and physically.
Yet in Islam we have formed different ideas about what is acceptable and what is not with regards to consensual age of sex. We believe a person is physically ready by Allah's Will when they menstruate and have their first ejaculation. Mentally this differs. Some are later than others. Some are earlier than others. Some are ready mentally before they even have physical readiness. Yet the modern world just slaps a one-fits-all age of maturity on everyone. usually unsaid at 16, acknowledged at 18, and fully at 21. Yet time and time again we hear of young women having babies at 10,11, 14 etc... with the fathers also near this age. They are shunned by society. Many times we see older men marrying women 1/4th their age and loving responsibly their wives. As long as the woman is over legal age no one really says too much out loud.

A PEDOPHILE! This makes me F U R I O U S !!!
Because Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad in a dream the face of Aisha, who he was to marry. He told her parents about the dream. HE DIDN'T HIDE! It wasn't some fantasy! It's wasn't some wicked desire. He didn't dream of illicit relations he dreamed of her face! They came and asked her opinion. It wasn't secret. He wasn't slyly tricking her to marry him. She consented. The greatest proof of all that He is NOT a PEDOPHILE is he waited until she was physically mature to consummate the marriage. Pedophiles on the whole are not attracted to more mature bodies. They like smooth, young, innocent. Pubic hair for them is a turn off. So why would he wait if he was a wicked man as they claim him to be? Why would he marry old, widowed with children women if he so desired young women. He could literally have his pick of any woman in Arabia and who did he choose? The needy.
He was kind and friendly with Aisha. She wasn't afraid or traumatised by him. She became one of the greatest narrators of Hadith. Surely if she had been victimised she would have been telling horrid story after horrid story after the Prophet's death but she didn't she always told what a wonderful man he was.

So again it makes me FURIOUS when people say again and again that Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad is a Pedophile. A man whom Allah created to be the Seal of All Prophets and the greatest Man He created who had the most righteous character.

"He's a Pedophile" Part2

Prophet Muhammad was not a Pedophile but there are many "Muslims" that are and they do so wrongly in His name. These men are sick and twisted with BIG mental ISSUES. They buy off a man for his daughter and then proceed many times before she is even Pubescent to rape her and have sex with her. He tortures her with fear and shame and trauma. She grows up thinking this is a way of life. Her children most likely will be sold off too. It's a vicious cycle. Who do they take as a source for their evil deeds? The prophet's Marriage of Aisha.
Now they are no Prophets. They don't even try to have good manners to their young brides. They are taking Islam totally out of context with their lack of knowledge and giving it a bad name to boot.

On the other hand there are very nice righteous men who just have a natural preference for young women by the Will of Allah they just cannot be satisfied with older women either because of physical attraction or the need to have children (from lets say a second or fourth wife) because the first ones were too old when married. I fully believe there is a reasonable allowance to marriage to a young woman. Provided he treats her as an adult in marriage and not a possession or sexual object. Provided he gives her, her physical, mental and provisional rights at all times. These men don't play little mind games with their brides. They treat them with respect they deserve. Yet Media hears of Ali Muhammad the Sixth at age of 47 marrying young Amirah Jamilah at the age of13 and call him a cradle robber. When Mrs. Amirah is quite happy and consented to the arrangement.

I also fully believe most but certainly not all of Western girls are not being developed mentally maturely by their parent's properly yet are physically growing and having sudden desires that make them uncertain and society doesn't allow them to do anything about it in a legal and sanctioned way like through marriage so they go to a party, get trashed, and have consensual sex at 11 if they aren't raped sometimes before that by Uncle Tony. We have teen pregnancies sweeping the nation. Hello! Allah gave them periods for what? TO bleed another 10 years without fruition? Why would He have given them it so early if it was not meant to be utilized in a proper form like through marriage. Now I'm not saying every girl needs to be flat on her back the day she has her period BUT we must allow that society has cause much of the drama and problems we see today as a result of repressed desires.

Back to pedophiles though. There are thousands of cases of Idiot men who do all this in the name of Prophet Muhammad and that is wrong. If they are decent people perhaps I have understanding for their needs and those of their beautiful beloved young brides but not before age of maturity and not to harm them in any way. But for those who harm and defile their young charges Shame on them... they know their lot if not for forgiveness and Mercy from Allah. The Ultimate Judge.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Drama Lovers?

SubhanAllah I had to take a quick break this week from blogging. But I will be back with more soon inshaAllah.

I just want to say before I go it is amazing, no wait NOT AMAZING, it makes me FURIOUS in fact that some people come here and comment and are so very chatty yet they ignore me on my nice friendly blog. As if I wasn't worthy of their attentions unless I'm spouting out real life drama. Are they Drama lovers or is my other blog just so boring? I guess nice isn't good enough for some people. Well then I guess they'll just have to deal with the FURIOUS side of me until they meet me and realize I have a nice side too. Too bad for them that I'm deep enough to hold both sides.

So see you next week when I'll reply to comments (wow keep them coming people they are really great!) and blog more.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Labor Workers Link up the Porn

I honestly feel bad for these workers who are so poor and destitute that they have to turn to find work in other countries than their own and they can't bring their wife and children with them. They must work long hard hours getting little pay that mostly goes to support their families back home. They only get to go home once every one, two, or five years for like a month maximum. They spend most of their off time with their co-workers who are also missing their wives. Many of them become corrupted by the influence of these bad co-workers.
I know for certain that they send text messages to each other about dirty jokes and send pictures they have downloaded off the net of women in scanty clothes. They exchange naughty movies to watch together on their TV (if they have managed to get one). Some more daring men go into the souks and cities and just watch women walking around. The most extreme go searching for whores preferably these Veiled Minx or Hijab Whores. They go by themselves or in a group and get her to dance while they record her on their phones for their buddies back at the workplace. Some take special nude photos of the women and charge their friends some money to see them.
All this causes a breakdown of society. They finally get to go home and spend time with their families but some are excited to return to the freedom of their works and whores. The women keep pining for their husbands not knowing they might be catching who-knows-what disease and then coming home and spreading it to their wives. If a man is cleaver he'll delete all the proof from his phone (saving it on his friend's phone of course) before he goes home.
Knowing all this I truly avoid going anywhere near the workers when they are swarming on the streets and when I have to go to a souk where I know it will be predominately dominated by these workers i will make sure I'm with someone at all times. One never knows when one might take it too far and try to do something stupid. Be careful and be prepared.

Beards Link up the Porn

I know of many brothers who grow their beards long in Western Countries. MashaAllah.
These brothers go to lectures at the Masjid. MashaAllah.
They hold protests against those who try to bring Islam down. MashaAllah.
They prepare themselves and their finances to gain a pious, preferably virgin, wife. MashaAllah.
In their spare time they Volunteer at the Masjid or Local Islamic Schools. MashaAllah.
They go home and download porn. Masha--- SAY WHAT!

Yes, these brothers who strive to be ultra pious on the outside, many have a deep weakness. For Porn. Whether it's soft, hard, alternative, whatever. They download it and then get off on it.
They violate their bodies, their hands, and their future wife's rights. Many know the consequences of too much masturbation leads to premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders that cause a problem for the wife to get her pleasure with or before her husband as is recommended by Islam. Not only they are harming themselves physically and their wives they are harming their own eyes and soul looking at these women. They start thinking all women must act like this. Later they get married and demand their wives put on a show for them. Sure nothing wrong with that since they are married but what good Muslimah grows up knowing how to lap dance, do oral, have sex in multiple positions, and catwalk around a pole? Most do not and then the men are disappointed when their wives feebly (no offense ladies) try to be enticing. MEN WAKE UP! Of course your wife is not going to perform at the level of a PROFESSIONAL PORN STAR! You would not married her if she had that kind of knowledge because how would she have ever have gotten it and been able to apply it? Practice? So then you leave your boring wife to get another one OR you go behind her back and start doing Haram either linking up Porn on the net or going to Haram places like strip clubs behind her back. They become increasingly dissatisfied with how their wives look and act until they create more fitnah for all. All because of Porn.
When the Qur'an orders you to lower your gaze it Ain't just talking about WOMEN, it's referring to YOU MEN who stare at women and love the beauty of women. LOOK DOWN! Turn your head! Do not google Bikini. Do not click on that link. Deny Shaytan the pleasure of watching your downfall. And Women if you catch him WHOA girl let him know it is not excepted. It IS HARAM! Make your rights known. You are the only one who his eyes may fall upon.
So be careful that even though you may think your future husband is pure as honey he might be hiding a devious secret. I'll leave it to my readers to offer suggestions about how to Figure out or ask your intended if he does this. Think hard.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bend over for your master MAID SLAVE

Sometimes the Maids are thought of as free sex toys. They twist words of our Prophet and say they posses these women with their right hands as slaves so they have the right to sleep with them. The "Master" will slowly go behind his wife's back and get the maid to do small things until one day the wife is out of the house. Then he takes action. Forces the lady into a sexy suit or just takes her in the maid uniform (some men get off on this idea) and rapes her before his wife returns. he forces her to keep mum about it with threats of further abuse or even bribes of more salary or trinkets. Everytime the wife goes out the "Master" has his way. Sometimes it's not the master it's the Wife. She's force the maid to do oral on her or play some kinda kinky domination game where she the Wife gets to be the man and rapes the maid using toys. Sometimes it's not either of them, sometimes it's the teenage son. While the parents are out he rapes the maid or even invites his friends over for a gang rape party. Taking pictures and videos on their phones to send to other friends. It's very common and easy to do especially with bluetooth. Then they scatter before the parents come home and the Mother calls for her maid to help carry in groceries.
Other times the maid has had some past abuse and figures why not make some money off the deal on the side. She puts on a hijab and abaya and poses on the sidewalk until someone offers her "a ride". She takes him for a ride alright. Scoring some pretty cash. She might have regulars or come as they please offer. They call them Hijab Whores. Mostly if men spot these Phillipinos or Asian Women in black abayas and hijabs they assume they are whores and treat them as such.
lets go back to the Masters though shall we? Sometimes, well lets be blunt, most of the time, these maids become pregnant with their master's babies and are either forced to abortion or are sent home suddenly or sometimes the maids do the only thing they can think of. Jump off the 16th story balcony. Sometimes they don't jump, sometimes they are pushed, by the man or the man's wife who just found out. many cases have been documented on maids "suicides". Few receive jail time.
And if it's not sex then it's just plain old physical abuse, the old "maid punching bag" standby. Sometimes women abused by their husband need a place to re-vent on besides their children and thus attack the maids. or the men just like dominance and attack her physically, verbally, or emotionally.
Either way the chances of finding a happy maid out there are slim. Sure there are but what is the percentage? Like 30% happy? The rest living like Slaves?
May Allah show these bad people His Burning Wrath.

Wax my Butt Maid Slave

Many people with Maids mistakenly think they fall under the category of "Whom your right-hands posses." IE SLAVES. These women force these maids to do every single little task that enter their heads. I'm not talking regular work around the house, tidy after the children, help cook that 5th appetizer, or baby-sit the kids for an hour. I'm talking about making their maids doing things beyond the normal bounds. Making their maids wipe and spray their bottoms when they finish in the bathroom, making them wax their legs, arms, backs, and YES their PRIVATES. Making them change every single baby diaper and wash their children and do all the Mothering. Oh there is soo much more they make these servants do I'm not even going to go into it all today. Is it no wonder that some of these Maids do actually retaliate against their "Masters". Either by taking it out on the woman secretly like stealing her things or spitting in her food or other slight tricks. or taking it out on the children by hitting them, cursing them, and even sexually molesting them. Some maids often work together with other maids and thus they have much time for plotting.
other times they just force unthinkable hours onto these women and they are just so exhausted to even eat a meal. No one wants to be treated like a slave but many people think that's what these maids are. They take the prophet's hadiths out of context and do horrid things to them and these maids run back to their countries spouting Islam is the Devil.
Of course not all maids are treated this way I'm just highlighting some that are. Far to many too.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hot Veiled Minx

She glides through the mall on her sparkling beaded silky abaya. A glamorous veil hides half her face but her eyes have a sparkle in them. She catwalks around holding her monogrammed phone and name brand purse. She spies a lonely man sitting on a bench and carefully sit on the edge not to appear too close. He glances over and does a double take as he takes in her sly wink. She slides a slip of paper out of her purse and casually tosses it to him. Then in seconds she's gone leaving a perplexed man. He looks around then bends to get the slip. On it is written a hotel name and a room number and a time. Could it be what he thinks it is?!?! Did that niqabi just invite him over for sex?
At the appropriate time he dresses well and heads to the room number indicated. The door is opened by the niqabi but his eyes bulge out reactively as all she's wearing is a lacy white teddy accenting her pale brown skin and a full head niqab. She leads him to a table with a bottle of wine. "Drink?" She asks him simply. "No, I don't drink." He replies nervously. She shrugs one lacy shoulder and leads him to the bedroom where she hands him a condom and sprawls herself on the bed. He is not about to refuse such a come-on.
After he is finished and they both are happy she orders him dressed and asks him to leave not bothering to tell him how they can get in touch again.
The Veiled Minx has struck.
She's bored with her life and wants her pleasures no matter where they come from.
She gives Niqabis a bad name.
She thinks he makes her feel hot inside just wait until the Fire girl!

Hooka Girls Shaking It

I once knew a lady who used to wear full hijab and she'd go to these stupid Hooka Lounges and start Belly Dancing and Smoking her Hooka. She'd invite an man who wanted to come up to her. She didn't care who she danced with, as long as they had a grand time.
Obviously she wasn't thinking of what she was representing. Obviously she had no dignity for herself and her sister or even her beautiful religion.
If the man was cute enough she'd take him home to have a fling with him.
She didn't believe in Protection. So she had to suffer through miscarriage after miscarriage. Each time debating for weeks whether to tell the "father" that he was expecting a child. Thanks be to Allah she never managed to keep the baby.
Each man would use her for what he wanted then just a few weeks or months later he'd be gone. If she didn't break up with him first.
Women like this really give Islam a bad name. Have some decency girl. Stop shaking it for complete strangers. Save it for your husband. Be true to one and only one as we are told to.
They think they are hot stuff.
You're gonna be hot stuff alright sweetie, in the hell fires if you keep it up.

Playboy Bunny Arabs Sway Blondes

How many times have we all heard about these idiot men who come from the Middle East (especially the GULF) who study or work in Western countries. They search for NEW MUSLIMAHs preferably white and blonde. They feed them a load of garbage to sway their innocent minds.
They promise someday they'll take them to their home countries to fully experience Islam but then after a few months or years they just up and leave behind girlfriends and wives and go back to their country to marry a pure virgin girl from home. Can't disappoint Mama and Baba now can we?
I'm not saying all Arabs do this but there are a sure whole lot that do. They think they are Allah's Gift to women and they must spread their beauty and charm as far as they can.
You little boy toys make me sick! You act like playboy bunnies! Most the time you're bringing these sister farther from Real Islam then they would have faced had they not met your evil souls. Sisters do your research first! Have some respect for yourselves and learn to make proper Islamic Marriage Contracts. They are to blame but so are you girlfriend if you let yourself be had.
if you're in one of these dead-end relationships, GET OUT! He is using you. His precious Mama don't want nothing to do with your little Western butt. She's got a lovely second cousin picked out for your beloved just waiting til he finishes his studies. Studies!?! Yeah right, studies in Anatomy is more like it.
Hippity-hop back to your little holes now bunnies. PLEASE don't come out again!

V-Day? Watch out for D-Day!

You people buying your silly little cards and cakes and fragrant-free roses better watch out.
For your day of frivilty you are harming yourself.
Harming your souls.
Celebrating with Holidays not of Islam, with People not of Islam.
Better watch your score. Are your good deeds piling up this V-Day or your bad deeds?
Are you preparing yourself for D-Day? The Day of Judgement?
V-Day is no joke.