I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Drama Lovers?

SubhanAllah I had to take a quick break this week from blogging. But I will be back with more soon inshaAllah.

I just want to say before I go it is amazing, no wait NOT AMAZING, it makes me FURIOUS in fact that some people come here and comment and are so very chatty yet they ignore me on my nice friendly blog. As if I wasn't worthy of their attentions unless I'm spouting out real life drama. Are they Drama lovers or is my other blog just so boring? I guess nice isn't good enough for some people. Well then I guess they'll just have to deal with the FURIOUS side of me until they meet me and realize I have a nice side too. Too bad for them that I'm deep enough to hold both sides.

So see you next week when I'll reply to comments (wow keep them coming people they are really great!) and blog more.


Anonymous said...

as salama aleykoum

i am no sure i catch u i mean maybe i am misunderstood
explain what 's happen ?

Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum

Hey what is your other Blog btw? I would love to read that one more, because honestly all this talk of Hellfire and people's bad deeds makes my head dizzy :/

Nur Amirah said...

I'll be anticipating your posts... But you have another blog? Can you link it please?

Iman said...

I wasn't even aware you had a friendly blog! :)
But if you post the link I'll be sure to pay you a visit, inshallah.

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum,
ummm I just started following your blog and didn't realize you had another one--but I just clicked on your profile and this is the only blog listed

Chica said...

Salaam Furious

I did not even know you had another blog - your profile shows this as your only blog?!



Lisa said...

Where is yor other blog? I am totally there, but didn't see it on your profile. have a new post you should write about-Arab men with a beard by day, and gay by night. I just love your writing Hell Fire!

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sister

hmm maybe they don't know about your other blog? I know I don't...I went to view your complete profile but it doesn't mention another blog...won't you add it to your profile so I can check it out? Shukran! :o)

Pixie said...

LOL all:
this sister remains anonymous in order to write this drama down without harrassment. Sis, I am very lazy when it comes to commenting so unless something makes me go ggrrrrrrr! (or it is some lovely fashion or a beloved sister i know IRL) I don't say much. Forgive. Love Pix

أم ترافيس said...

Im with the others. I do not know what is your other blog. I try to follow all ppl who follow me, I have them on my google reader.. but I dont always comment on everyone :)

Anyhow, ppl like to argue -- I notice on any posts I make about politics etc.. ppl sure have a lot to say. But otherwise, only the sisters who are my dearest friends regularly comment :)

So why dont u reveal ur other blog sis :)

Noshi said...

I didn't know you had another blog. I want to read, link me! InshaAllah.


Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...


MashaAllah I'm so happy to feel the love from everyone really I am.

But Pixie gets the prize!

Of course I can't reveal my other blog or I wouldn't be anonymous.

LOL but I will say this you all already are followers of my other blog. So I suggest we all be more proactive (myself included) in commenting on sister's blogs to make them feel better and to encourage them to keep blogging. We got to keep it tight between us sisters and the lack of comments and followers really hurt SOME sisters. Naturally I'm not upset at everyone here I was talking about ONE particular person but I'm glad you all showed your love and support. Makes me get all frosty and happy ^^wink wink^^.

Just please take my rant for what it was, a rant, about lack of sister unity. I Will do my best when i get back next week to be proactive in commenting more to all of you're blogs too.

Naturally not with this name unless I see something that makes me FURIOUS, but with my other name.

And honestly for the most part those who commented on this page tend to normally comment on other's but I'm just trying to encourage everyone to do more ^^wink and smile^^

See ya lata

American Muslima Writer said...

EEk sorry Fire Furious I haven't commented on any of your awesome posts. I've been feeling really pressured in life lately and trying to get a million things done at once and it's all getting chaos in my head lol.

But I AM reading them all and nodding my head to the comments.

Hmm about this commenting thing, I notice this too. But I also noticed that when I'm less active in commenting on other sister's blogs they become less active on commenting on mine. And sometimes I'm jsut sooooo stressed I forget to comment back to their comments which sucks I know. Thanks for the reminder though because it IS disheartening sometimes to turn on a blog and it says only like 1 comments to be read. Yet before it used to say like 14 to be read. Also when I'm going around adding blogs to my directory (which I soooo have to add you onto soon) I see really awesome blogs with like only 2 or 4 followers and no comments and I'm like why is no one commenting on this awesome blog?!?! This sister needs support!

Insha'Allah as you said we have to unite more. Still have a lot of work left to do in our own backyards sisters -me too.

Salam Fire Furious and ALL. Look forward to seeing you on YOUR blogs :)

Pixie said...

LOL that is a good reminder. I should always comment on a beloved sisters's blog but time limits, and I don't become a follower of a blog, usually, unless I fully support the person or the blog's content, so I am little choosy when it comes to following.

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blogs

Anonymous said...

uh oh.......I agree with AMW and Pixie...thats why i made my blog private....muslims love the drama, comment all day and night......but if you were posting benefecial info they woudnt be as interested.
sad but so true......what have we become....i bet they come back all the time checking for updates....

tsk tsk tsk.....

and i read some of the dont blame the sister for being anonymous(to you not me lol) I was on her regular blog and she posts about muslim lives, family, following the sunnah and inproving our deen, some of her posts are nothing but the daleel but yet not a lot of comments.......

but here in the drama, we muslimahs eat it up.....

if it is about poly-life, cheating, wifebeating, or steeping astray from Islam.........its glorified and is such a hot topic........

WHy can't the sunnah be the talk of the day?

Gone to go meditate......i am in no posistion to judge... but i am tired of .............smhhhhh

Sonia said...

Mmm...mashAllah...I kind of guessed who you are dear sister, and your other blog is lovely, mashAllah! Forgive me if I haven't posted any comment on your other blog. I'm a relatively new revert with quite minimal knowledge, so unless something derives from my personal experience, I'm quite shy about saying something that will end up sounding stupid. But I love your blogs, and you got my support all the way!!!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Ok eaaaasy ladies, please lets not get personal into my life. Let focus our thoughts to those that are messd up and are messing up Islam. I let a few comments stay but if they get anymore personal then that I'll delete them.
I thought about just deleting this whole post but then I was like nothing was really said explicit so whatever.

Candice said...

I try to comment on blogs. I like to be commented on so I make the effort to do the same to others, if I feel like I have anything to say. Whether it's encouragement, praise or even slight disagreement. I don't comment at all on blogs I fully disagree with so anyone who receives a comment from me knows I have some respect for them!

Noshi said...

Even after reading all the comments, I am still absolutely clueless as to what your other blog is. LOL I'm so slow!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

WRITTEN BY LISA: *Edited by FIRE FURIOUS because a few things said might have been revealing*

Fire, you know I left Islam. When I started blogging it was because Safiyyah said she'd read my blog. I had no idea who my audience would be. I did feel a strong desire to engage Muslim sisters because I knew if there was one story like mine, they could have support.

What I'm trying to say is it may not be great that we care more about the poly blogs, the hate material, etc.

But, if I hadn't seen your blog and this one as well, I wouldn't be comforted everyday knowing there are similar stories. I wouldn't have the chance to come back to Islam, because I'd just be seeing the blogs with suras.

Different things appeal to the hearts of different people. In my case, this blog and your other one has been invaluable. I can see Islam again. It still seems like something very distant, but it is there.

Love you dear. I just want to tell you I love what your doing. I am so amazed!

Lisa thank you for this beautiful heartfelt words. I appreciate it truely. Sorry had to edit the comment. I appreciate your support and your words.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Noshi I can't reveal my other blog to stay more private and talk about whatever I want to. That's all there is to get. I was just basically ranting that people should have more sister unity inshaAllah

Lisa said...

Hell Fire,

I totally understand dear sister. Keep up the great work!

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

As-salaamu-alaikum Sisters,
All y'all are welcome to leave sweet comments on my sweet blog! I recently wrote and posted a poem named "Sweet Sistahs", here: Please let me know what you think about it. I welcome followers too! :)
Fi Iman Ilah,

Francesca Najea Lujan said...

Can I get some love, please? :-)
Your Sister,

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Sorry Najea, I was so busy with work and stuff like that this past bit but inshaAllah I'll go check it out in the next days.
I do read your posts from time to time and love the content.

I'm still doing my best to get to all of you! You alla re soo many though and I'm so few LOL.