I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hooka Girls Shaking It

I once knew a lady who used to wear full hijab and she'd go to these stupid Hooka Lounges and start Belly Dancing and Smoking her Hooka. She'd invite an man who wanted to come up to her. She didn't care who she danced with, as long as they had a grand time.
Obviously she wasn't thinking of what she was representing. Obviously she had no dignity for herself and her sister or even her beautiful religion.
If the man was cute enough she'd take him home to have a fling with him.
She didn't believe in Protection. So she had to suffer through miscarriage after miscarriage. Each time debating for weeks whether to tell the "father" that he was expecting a child. Thanks be to Allah she never managed to keep the baby.
Each man would use her for what he wanted then just a few weeks or months later he'd be gone. If she didn't break up with him first.
Women like this really give Islam a bad name. Have some decency girl. Stop shaking it for complete strangers. Save it for your husband. Be true to one and only one as we are told to.
They think they are hot stuff.
You're gonna be hot stuff alright sweetie, in the hell fires if you keep it up.


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

This is terribly disgusting. I once went to a masjid for jumu'ah and the imam started crying in the khutbah. He cited the hadith where a man came to expose his sins to the Prophet (SAW) and he asked the man to just repent to Allah. The Imam mentioned this because he said he's fed up and disgusted with all the people coming to him for help, brothers who've been married to years have lovers, niqaabi sisters secretly work in nightclubs, ex-drug dealers went back to hustling.. subhanAllah, it was making him crazy. He understood these people came for his help but he couldnt handle that Muslims in his community were doing these things subhanAllah.

أم ترافيس said...

wa alaykum salam! What a facinating blog you have here sister :) I look forward to more, and will add you to my google reader :) Thanx for following mine too!

Lisa said...

I love your blog! I think that the hell-fire theme was a superb idea, and never would have thought of it! My husband fits the entire description you wrote about in Playboy Bunny Arabs. I'm White and Blonde.

I knew several niqaabi's who took off their niqaab at night and went drnking. Many weren't even praying. As a Muslim, it was often hard to differentiate the good from the bad, as the outer coverings lend themselves to a false air of piousness.

Keep up the great work, of exposing the few bad Muslims that are ruining it for the rest of the Ummah. May Allah reward you.

Thirst For Knowledge said...

keep up the good work! Lesson learned, wake up everyone before its too late!

Noshi said...


Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Lazeena, what an intersting story thanks for sharing it I liked it.

Umm Travis,

Thanks Lisa, sorry you got nabbed by the Playboy Bunny. Hope you shoot a hole in that rabbit. ;) Figly speaking. You've sure meta whole lota bad girls. I think it's time you get to know the great girls out there in Muslimah Land. And you are more than welcome with us.

Thirst and Noshi Thanks!

Adventurous Ammena said...

masha'allah, thanks for coming across my blog sis... like the theme too masha'allah. As for this post... well its why I hate shisha places, true story or not, the places are full of fitnah and disgust. The men sat outside eyeing up the girls as they walk past. eww

Intisar said...

I agree with all my sister, MashaAllah and jazzakallah kheir for this blog.

Lazeena: that is soooo sad.

Lisa: Be one in our circle of friends, those of us who are striving hard for jannah. The bad girls are for Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

Lisa said...

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah,

I am finding that all of you in blog land are nice and doing the real da'wah. Thank you so muhc Hell Fire!

Lisa said...


Thank so so much! You are so sweet!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Ammena, OH MAN those men make me sooo FURIOUS with their eye balls rolling, this is a future post already !!! I can feel the Flames welling up already!

Right on Intisar.

Lisa, youre welcome but LOL Please don't call me Hell Fire. prefer Furious Muslimah or Fire Furious or FFM or whatever any combo but just not Hellfire lol. You're sweet person too I think you just need to realize it more.

Muslim_Rose said...

I love the theme,i'm still trying to get round my blog and came across your's by accident.Safe to say it was worth it! I love your passion. Keep up the good work