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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"He's a Pedophile" Part2

Prophet Muhammad was not a Pedophile but there are many "Muslims" that are and they do so wrongly in His name. These men are sick and twisted with BIG mental ISSUES. They buy off a man for his daughter and then proceed many times before she is even Pubescent to rape her and have sex with her. He tortures her with fear and shame and trauma. She grows up thinking this is a way of life. Her children most likely will be sold off too. It's a vicious cycle. Who do they take as a source for their evil deeds? The prophet's Marriage of Aisha.
Now they are no Prophets. They don't even try to have good manners to their young brides. They are taking Islam totally out of context with their lack of knowledge and giving it a bad name to boot.

On the other hand there are very nice righteous men who just have a natural preference for young women by the Will of Allah they just cannot be satisfied with older women either because of physical attraction or the need to have children (from lets say a second or fourth wife) because the first ones were too old when married. I fully believe there is a reasonable allowance to marriage to a young woman. Provided he treats her as an adult in marriage and not a possession or sexual object. Provided he gives her, her physical, mental and provisional rights at all times. These men don't play little mind games with their brides. They treat them with respect they deserve. Yet Media hears of Ali Muhammad the Sixth at age of 47 marrying young Amirah Jamilah at the age of13 and call him a cradle robber. When Mrs. Amirah is quite happy and consented to the arrangement.

I also fully believe most but certainly not all of Western girls are not being developed mentally maturely by their parent's properly yet are physically growing and having sudden desires that make them uncertain and society doesn't allow them to do anything about it in a legal and sanctioned way like through marriage so they go to a party, get trashed, and have consensual sex at 11 if they aren't raped sometimes before that by Uncle Tony. We have teen pregnancies sweeping the nation. Hello! Allah gave them periods for what? TO bleed another 10 years without fruition? Why would He have given them it so early if it was not meant to be utilized in a proper form like through marriage. Now I'm not saying every girl needs to be flat on her back the day she has her period BUT we must allow that society has cause much of the drama and problems we see today as a result of repressed desires.

Back to pedophiles though. There are thousands of cases of Idiot men who do all this in the name of Prophet Muhammad and that is wrong. If they are decent people perhaps I have understanding for their needs and those of their beautiful beloved young brides but not before age of maturity and not to harm them in any way. But for those who harm and defile their young charges Shame on them... they know their lot if not for forgiveness and Mercy from Allah. The Ultimate Judge.


Sonia said...

Assalam alaikum,

I would also like to mention that the environment affects a great deal on when girls mature. Historically (perhaps until the beginning of Renaissance whether its European in 16th-17th century, or the Asian and the Middle Eastern in the 20th century) boys and girls were mature at a young age. Boys at 15 used to be considered mature men and were sent off to fight in the wars or married. Girls at a very young age were taught how to perform domestic duties, such as cooking and cleaning starting at 7. I met a lovely girl 2 years ago, she was 16. I was shocked to find out her age, because she was so incredibly mature. She was very domesticated and loved to learn Islam, yet had no interest in academic knowledge. mashAllah, she got married that fall to an equally nice guy who was 28. But often than we like societies dictate who should get married, and to whom we can't. They don't try to look for a good Muslim man who will treat girls with love and respect, but which family will provide a good social ally, thats why more than often parents won't allow girls to marry down, only marry up. Families are concerned with what is socially acceptable, not Islamically acceptable.

Melda :o) said...

Sorry, forgot to say Assalamu alaikum when I commented on Part 1 :o/

It's a huge responsibility for any mother to decide when she deems her daughter mentally fit and mature enough for marriage. Unfortunately it's the men who usually decide over their wives' and daughters' heads, they either marry the girls off way to young or they refuse to let them be someone's wife which often results in the young women's committing fornication!

Tbh..the idea of a 47 year old man marrying a 13 year old does freak me out a little...kind of reminds me of Jerry Lee Lewis, didn't he marry his 13 year old cousin or something?

Umm Ismail said...

Masha allah I call it the DOM syndrome "Dirty old Man" They want whats hot of the Press'es so to Speak.if the girl is mature and and mentally Mature then Allahu allim but some girls these days are not this way and some are. its the parents Job to know and not there Wallets. Instead of the young girl getting the Mahr it goes to the parent. I always wonder what part of the Sunnah that came from. My own personal opinion Parents need to set age limits and really investigate the intended men or young men and see if there suitable.
The Non-believers will always have something to say with out knowledge, and Instead of looking around there own Door step they come to step on Islam's. and Muslim who cheat and lie and Pay(prey) on young Wives so they can full fill there sick twisted mind games. Fear Allah!! its not the age thats the big deal but the Maturity behind it and the brains if there not on the same page you still have a child who is not ready for the world. Forcing a child to marry is even Worse and it down all the time Culturally( I can't Stress enough Parents need to wake up!!).They will always try to hold up a banner to bad mouth Our Prophet Sallallah alayhi wa salam that one of things they think they are knowledgeable on is Aisha Raadiallah anha. Astagfirallah!! EDucation of AL Islam Real Islam and how to maintain themselves in this world b4 marriage(to prevent Marriage hopping). And parents need to be parents and Teach there children. Allahu allim


Pixie said...

MashaAllah good post. I think it depends on the maturity (physically and mentally of the girl) and really the family being fair. Dowry belongs to the girl, not her father!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixie said...

I had my period at eight years old. I would have been metally able to marry at thirteen. I waited though. People made fun of that though here in West. They tease you if you are a virgin. I can't IMAGINE how MUCH more men who struggle to remain virgins get teased by their peers.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Sonia very well put!

Umm Ismail, right right! Speak the truth! parents need to wake up!

Pixie, so true many are ready and are made fun of. it's not easy in modern society to remain pure for your future spouse. and yup the girl gets the cash not her family.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that any girl as young as Mrs. Amirah is "quite happy and consented to the arrangement." How could an undeveloped child know the consequences of such a decision? She could not. She should have her right to education and economic freedom-not be a slave to producing children at a young age when she is a child herself. How can she properly educate her children in Islam when she may not have full knowledge?

Secondly, your term teen pregnancy is incorrect. Because if a young girl at 16 gets married then that falls within the context of teen pregnancy. Your implicit issue is with unwed mothers.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I wrote a post on my blog last night about something similar. A friend of mine who is 35 moved back to Djibouti and is supposed to be marrying a girl who is somewhere around 18. I just worry that if the older men marry all the young girls that it makes it harder for young men to marry when they need to so that they can avoid zina and have children. Another friend of mine in Egypt says that some of the problems of late marriage now for me stems from the fact that such large dowries are expected from the families.
Salaam Alaykum

Grace said...

I had my period at nine but I was in no way physically, emotionally or mentally ready for marriage until I was at least 22.

I truly cannot fathom how people can say that a 13 (THIRTEEN! and to a 47 year old!)year old is capable of consenting to marriage (unless they have a sexual preference for extremely young girls). It is beyond my comprehension that this could be held up as an honourable choice or way of life.

Google the effects of pregnancy on young girls. It is not for civilized people. There truly is no way around it. It destroys women. No chance for education or self-development.