I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bend over for your master MAID SLAVE

Sometimes the Maids are thought of as free sex toys. They twist words of our Prophet and say they posses these women with their right hands as slaves so they have the right to sleep with them. The "Master" will slowly go behind his wife's back and get the maid to do small things until one day the wife is out of the house. Then he takes action. Forces the lady into a sexy suit or just takes her in the maid uniform (some men get off on this idea) and rapes her before his wife returns. he forces her to keep mum about it with threats of further abuse or even bribes of more salary or trinkets. Everytime the wife goes out the "Master" has his way. Sometimes it's not the master it's the Wife. She's force the maid to do oral on her or play some kinda kinky domination game where she the Wife gets to be the man and rapes the maid using toys. Sometimes it's not either of them, sometimes it's the teenage son. While the parents are out he rapes the maid or even invites his friends over for a gang rape party. Taking pictures and videos on their phones to send to other friends. It's very common and easy to do especially with bluetooth. Then they scatter before the parents come home and the Mother calls for her maid to help carry in groceries.
Other times the maid has had some past abuse and figures why not make some money off the deal on the side. She puts on a hijab and abaya and poses on the sidewalk until someone offers her "a ride". She takes him for a ride alright. Scoring some pretty cash. She might have regulars or come as they please offer. They call them Hijab Whores. Mostly if men spot these Phillipinos or Asian Women in black abayas and hijabs they assume they are whores and treat them as such.
lets go back to the Masters though shall we? Sometimes, well lets be blunt, most of the time, these maids become pregnant with their master's babies and are either forced to abortion or are sent home suddenly or sometimes the maids do the only thing they can think of. Jump off the 16th story balcony. Sometimes they don't jump, sometimes they are pushed, by the man or the man's wife who just found out. many cases have been documented on maids "suicides". Few receive jail time.
And if it's not sex then it's just plain old physical abuse, the old "maid punching bag" standby. Sometimes women abused by their husband need a place to re-vent on besides their children and thus attack the maids. or the men just like dominance and attack her physically, verbally, or emotionally.
Either way the chances of finding a happy maid out there are slim. Sure there are but what is the percentage? Like 30% happy? The rest living like Slaves?
May Allah show these bad people His Burning Wrath.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaykom! This makes me furious as hellfire as well! The day of judgement will come and we will see these abuser get what they deserve!!!!!!!

hal786 said...

Assalamualiakum warahmatullahiwabarakatuhu
wow this blog is sooo cool, i had a similar idea for a blog i think i named it death is destined or sumthin, n its gona inshallah be about how death is destined n all that n how u shud try n becum better muslims now cuz ur all gonna die one day

annnyways i made the blog but havent done anythink to it reli

coz im caught up i've gott sooo many blogs, but my main blog is

plzz check it out sis!

n i luv the design to this blog, i luv bblack lol, (im a horror typa girl lol)

anyways luvin this blog!!!

Umm Ismail said...

What in the Hell is going on with the ummah. have they Lost it. Subhana Allah.

Sonia said...

Assalam alaikum,

OMG!!! I was reading about it a couple of days ago and it made me so MAD!!! How could they treat another human beings like this and then go to the masjid to prayer like nothing happened?!?!?! Please keep up, I love your blog, and it brings out what a lot of people know but are reluctant to talk about.


Anonymous said...

We all know people do this. I cant help but think this blog will only anger people to read the disgusting things people do, not only that but I think it's a little too graphic.

A better approach to these issues would be finding a solution... what good does it do to just complain about it?

Stylomom said...

Salam.. my domestic helper have been working with me for 15 years alhamdulillah and she has told me stories of her relatives having been abused like you mentioned in Kuwait, Saudi and Dubai. And one actually became mental. Another was so depressed that she contemplated suicide. Both helpers were married at that time and have children in the village. I dont know what to do with the Middle Eastern authorities who are aware of these abuses but keeps mum. When reported to the police, the maids were often told to go home. On my way home from England, I transit in Qatar, and I saw 3 maids blanked out, wallahi, the officers were asking me to speak to them in Indonesian but the women didnt reply. They boarded the plane but didnt know what was going on. ALl the other helpers around just told me that these helpers must have been abused so badly, they forget their names! Na'uzubillah.. Please if someone can do something to protect the maids, please do. In Allah's eyes we are all the same - does not matter if we are domestic helpers or an army general or a king. Maids are humans, and they only work for us to help us, not become our slaves.

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sister :o)

I love your blog, love how you speak out against those who abuse and hijack our beloved deen BUT...

I do think that this post was a bit too graphic...I mean had you only said that those maids( may Allah bless and protect them) were being raped and what not, I think that would have been sufficient.

Having said that I would like to add that reading this infuriated me...who do those people think they are? Have they no fear of Allah? They are in for a rude awakening on the day of judgement! May Allah give those heartless pitiful excuses for muslims what they deserve!!!!

Love you for the sake of Allah, keep up the good work (minus the graphic parts) ;o)

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...


Hal sounds cool, I'm on my way... i just went but your page shut down my internet :( maybe too much content to download my poor computer is slllow lol. inshaAllah another time.

Umm Ismail- many have lost it that is why we gotta make it known!!! :)

Sonia OHH MAN! Those that dare try and pray in the masjids after doing stuff like this and allahu alim worse MAKE ME FURIOUS!!!!!

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Stylomom thanks for adding that I really was touched by your addition. Allahu Akbar imagine they were so glazed! ARG! Imagine just the amount of abuse it takes for that to happen. **shudders**
You can see it in the eyes of some maids here. You just see them slowly walking behind their "masters" and they look blank and miserable.

Melda thanks for your ferocity too.

And I will add this for everyone. i AM graphic because it's the real world. This is not going to be one of those un-spoken blogs where the deatils are left mainly to the imagination. Sometimes our imaginations cannot think of such things. No one would even read this is I jsut said "The maid was raped and was very sad." They would go about their lives. But when I add details about the truth it makes peaople realize more what is really going on and insha'Allah makes it stick in their minds more. It may make you sick to your stomach but it makes me sick to mine knowing this is happening and no one is saying anything about it openly. That is why i will keep the graphics. For example we all know in Bosnia women were raped attrociously sometimes jsut before or after they were murdered. But it doesn't stick as much in our minds as a picture of a dead girl with blood dripping gown her legs would. See? I'm not being graphic for fun. I'm being graphic for a reason.

hal786 said...

salam again
oh its cool, thanks for goin ther anyways
here is the link to the latest post, so then u can jus click next post , might be easier
btw this isnt the death blog i mentioned, its my main hal786 one!
its got islamic music mainly n other stuff
anyways still luvin this blog!!
its a great idea!
btw an idea:i heard it in an islamic songs, tho i cnt remeber what its called
the line went sumthin like this:
sister i know that its hot outside , but the fires of jahannam is waay hotter than the sun outside

it kinda goes wid ur blog,init?

talk l8er inshallah

Kasey UmmKhaled said...

OMG I knew about the men but I had NO IDEA the a WOMEN get the women maids to do these things!! I am shockeddddd! WHOA!!

Sonia said...

You know what makes me even more furious? The FACT that EVERYONE knows this is happening, and NO ONE STOPS THEM!!!!! WHY? Because they have MONEY? Because they have OIL? They themselves admit that their education system and the program is broken. No one pushes them to study math, science, to discuss in jamaat the Quran. Every graduating generation Y and Millenials expect to become Bank executive right out of College so they can have MONEY, SEX, and POWER!!! Every screwed up society has one thing to blame...LACK OF EDUCATION!!! Just because nationals can use the computer, read and write doesn't make them literate or educated. They need to learn to THINK and to FEEL! ARGGG!!! Makes me FURIOUS!!!

Twizzle said...

ohhh mannn.. I wonder if thats why I was approached by two local guys on different days in Carrefour (I am in UAE)even though I was wearing niqab? I am half Japanese, half American and I definitely have East-Asian eyes... I wonder if those guys assumed I was a "niqab-whore" due to my eyes?

Opinionated hijabi said...


Sallam Sis,

UAE is pretty decent and moderate. Guys are just bored.. or friendly. But surprising that this happened to you in Hijab, and Niqaab. I miss carefour in UAE!

This blog is way vulgar and explicit.
But you're opinionated sis. And I like that, mashallah.

ISLAM DEFIES AND REVILES SLAVERY. Treating servants with respect and dignity is the duty of every person. It's like having a business, the owner is responsible for supporting people, and through them families.

Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (Sallalaho Allahe Wassallam)are Absolutely against slavery and anything but respect and kind treatment is unIslamic.


Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Thanks Hal!

Kasey sorry for the rude awakening :(

Sonia let it out let it alllll out! It IS INFURIATING!!!! You're exactly on taget!

Twizzle sorry this happened to you! Or perhaps they were just pathetic men.....

Right Opinionated, For nearly every sin there is a "free a slave" order. For a good reason too.

desertmonsoon said...

I met a runaway maid once who was a friend of my old maid. My old maid made friends from her country at the church she attended on fridays. Anyway, this friend of my maid told me she had run away from the local family she worked for because their son kept trying to come into her room. She was young and very beautiful. Anyway, this poor girl was stuck, because, her former employer still had her passport.

After my maid decided to go back to her country, There was another maid , that I tried to have transferred to my visa, she was an older woman and had been worked like a slave by the family she was with. They had her wake up at 4 am and go to bed at 11 PM - working the whole time. She ran to her agency and complained so they placed her with me for a month and tried to convince her employers to let her transfer her visa. But they were angry at her for complaining against them and running away, so they refused. The day she had to leave she was crying and begging me to help her, but there was nothing I could do because they had chosed to ban her. So, because of them, she was not able to come back to this country and work for one year.
I remember the first day she was with me, I was sleeping and it was still pitch black outside and I heard noise in the kitchen. I went and found her in there starting to work because she had been starting her work at that time before. I told her to go back to bed, but it took a few days of me telling her to stop working at night and telling her not to wake up too early, before she realized that I actually meant it and I wasn't going to hit her with something, if I saw her relaxing or enjoying some free time like a normal human being. (She told me that her other employers used to beat her)

As long as the laws let the employers have too much power, the maids will continue to be in a bad situation as will other workers. I think the maids' visas should be done through an agency and then by contract they should be seconded to the employer, so if they get a bad employer, the agency is free to pull them out and place them with another family.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

These are important issues, but I think this is a bit too graphic, with too many details... I mean there is a way to say same things but in an indirect way, and still everyone will understand.

Try to tone it down a little, we, Muslims have "virgin ears". :)