I will blog about the truth.
Truth of what people are really doing in the name of my Beloved Religion of Islam.
To mangle it and destroy the good in it for others.
That makes me as Furious as Hell Fire.
Shame on them. They will be exposed.
Right HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where's Your Husband Been?

"Honey, it's Ali again on the phone!" the wife calls out handing off the cell to her husband. Her husband quickly puts his newspaper down and grabs the phone. "Yes Ali! How are you! We must meet up again! .......*mumble*....... Great see you then!" He says making plans. He kisses his lovely wife on the cheek and shrugs. "Sorry cancel dinner but I have to go visit Ali. It's very important for work." He brushes by her and heads up stairs to change for his meeting. He takes a fast shower puts on his coolest clothes and over them a dark blue thobe so no one can tell his clothes underneath. He flips on his shades even though it's evening and with a quick spritz of cologne goes down stairs.
His wife is waiting by the door with a little smile on her face, "When can I expect you back?" She looks hopeful. He's glad he's wearing the sunglasses. "Sorry dear but Ali sounded like it could be a late meeting. We have to meet with various people. I'll kiss you when I arrive ok habibati?" And he breezes out the door leaving a wafting cloud of fragrance in his wake. The wife sadly closes the door deeply inhaling the scent of her beloved. She prepares herself for an evening alone.
Meanwhile her husband Omar revs his engine gleefully and swerves into the busy traffic of a Thursday night. He races the whole way there. He vies for a parking spot at the biggest mall in the city. After getting one he hops out the car and with no one looking he whips off his thobe and leaves it in the car. Revealing tight straight legged light blue denim jeans and a snug dark grey t-shirt that shows off his large chest muscles and biceps. He does a quick flex and then checks himself in the reflection of the car before going into the mall. His eyes under the light brown tinted glasses roving for his friend. Ah, there he is. He walks up with a swagger to his closest friend and shakes his hand strongly and hugs him tightly before kissing him thrice upon his cheeks. They lightly hold hands as they walk through the lower level of the mall. Here and there a whisper about that hot person or that other one. "Look at the ass on that hottie!" Ali whispers pointing out a pair of tight pants. The wearer is with their family so Omar leads Ali to another target. "Aha!" Omar says spotting a young hottie all alone on a bench chatting on their cell phone.
They sit next to young hottie and after they put their phone away Ali beins chatting asking leading questions. Omar does the casual flirting in the background. They decide this hottie is going home with them tonight. They invite young hottie to go for a walk and while walking invite hottie over for some movies and hanging out. Hottie is flattered and accepts.
They pile into Ali's SUV and make their way to his home. Ali is single luckily and doesn't have to worry about a nagging wife. They set up some snacks and put a dirty movie in to set the scene. Hottie is impressed they are stocked with porn. After watching for a while Omar suggests they go to the bedroom. All three start shedding clothes for a full out threesome. Omar and Ali love the spice of having a different third person regularly. After an hour or two they all fall exhausted onto the bed. They are all soaked with sweat and Omar looks at the clock bleary-eyed. Already after two. Omar shakes Ali awake and motions at the third. Ali grins. They wake up their young hottie and coerce them into the shower. All together they proceed to take each other again while covered in fancy soap. After exhausted again they all get out and get dressed.
Finally they pile back into Ali's SUV and go back to the mall. They drop off the third at the entrance. "See you again insha'Allah habibi Ahmad." They call to him and then Ali drives off to drop Omar at his car. No one is around since the mall is closed so before he jumps out they french kiss goodbye. Then Omar opens his car dons his thobe and gets in. They both leave their separate directions. As Omar reaches his home and gets out he sees the upstairs light on. He groans disappointed. He goes inside and up the stairs. Sure enough there is his beautiful young wife waiting for him in leather lingerie. She looks like a model. She pouts and holds out her arms to him.
He lays down completely dressed in her arms and it doesn't take long before he's fully asleep. She's sorely disappointed he didn't' want her again tonight. Even though she spent the last hour preparing herself. She sighs and turns off the lights. As she cuddles closely she breathes deeply and then does a double take. That was not the perfume he was wearing when he left! It wasn't perfume at all! She sniffs again in his hair. That is not his shampoo. He's taken a shower while he was out. She starts suspecting something. Has he found another woman? Did he sleep with some whore? Her mind is racing. She has to find out. She sneaks off the bed and gets Omar's phone. She goes down stairs and dials Ali.
"Hey baby! Did the b*tch find out? I loved f*cking you tonight, let's make plans to do it again next week ok!" Ali says excitedly. She's taken aback. Absolutely stunned.
"Hello? Omar? Baby you there? Shoo you're too sleepy to talk to your habibi? Yalla get some sleep. See you tomorrow at Jummah ok?" Ali says and hangs up. Her shaking hand closes the phone and deletes the call from the history. She goes back upstairs and just stares at the stranger in her bed.
How could she have not known he was gay? What will she do now?......


Anonymous said...

this is basically a pornographic site.
There's really no other way of looking at it.

Chica said...

OMG does this 5hit actually happen?

American Muslima Writer said...

Whoa. I didn't see that ending coming. Nice twist. Ewww though. i feel sorry for that woman. ANY WOMAN that finds out liek that.

SubhanAllah what is with them? Why even bother to marry?
Good Post as usual. Glad to have you back, we've missed your posts.

Nur said...

what a story...
while i was reading i was wishing my future husband wont be like this...
unfortunately....things like this happens sometimes.
i wanted the rest of the story.. i imagine now... she... giving him a HUGE punishment.

Candice said...


Hana said...

I understand you want to speak the truth but I think you can do so without the full on details, too much imagery in my head.. my friends and I were just talking about that actually.. probably wont come back here to read cuz I don't want images of 3somes in my head really... lol but seriously though.. I think this blog is a good idea without so much insightful detail.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Anon and others:
I don't add TOO MUCH detail. beleive me I edited out a great deal. I didn't talk about which hole they did or something like that. I didn't add moans of pleasure or whatever of pornographic nature. I said they did something. I glossed it over. If I was into writing porn I would but I'm not. If there was no detail , again people I'm saying this and I'm getting tired of saying it...., you would not remeber it. If I write
a woman finds out her husband is gay with his best friend..... umm yeah I'm sure it would really stick in your head that this is not something good. Do you feel her hurt? Do you feel her pain at her husband's lack of sensitivity? NO.
My Blog, I'm writing what I want.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Chica yes it does sadly, all too often.

AMW: Thanks, yes sadly they marry as a cover for their side games. So they look respectable to their other straight friends.

Nur: inshaAllah you will have a good pious husband. be choosey about who is the father of your children and the provider of your heart. as for the ending lol it's up to your imagination. Some women might stay some might go, some might kill.... it's up to you with this one.

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah said...

Candice: lol? is it funny this woman is in pain? that her husband is going behind her back? that he's going to Jummah tomorrow and he does extreme sins? or is it a lol of you don't know what else to say sister? just curious. It was a strange response.

Hana You are welcome to come and go as you please. I'm sorry to break into your bubble of happiness about the realities out there but this is what happens to some poor women. What if your best friend came to you tomorrow with this story about her life? Would you be aware of it already or be in denial and ignore her words of pain? I welcome you if you want to keep reading but if you don't there is the X in the upper corner :) Your choice.

BARAN said...

shocking...Nauzubillahi Min Zalik

Thirst For Knowledge said...

salaam alaikum,

Unfortunately ladies a LOT of men are bisexual or gay. They often get married because their families force them. They then are called men on the "DL" and go to bars to pick up other men or at other places, never admitting to themselves that they are bisexual or gay. Some know they are gay but put on a show that they are straight to keep their families(parents) happy. This is a HUGE sin, and inshaAllah they will burn in hell. Remember what happened to the homosexuals in prophet Lots day? they were destroyed. This is an abhorrent act! Ladies, if you u have a gut feeling that something is off, usually your right! Sometimes you dont find out you are married to a stranger until years later.... so sad, good blog furious!!!!

Jem said...

By my recollection, the people of Lot were forgiven for their sins. Then they rejected Allah. THEN they were eradicated. I think the message of these people is that all sins are forgiven in true repentance, except the sin of disbelief in Allah

Anonymous said...

In the PR world, they say there is no such thing as bad press. so even though you are "critising" these activities, you are advertising them as well. I would not be at all surprised if you have an aroused male readership! Oh well, your blog, your rights: keep up the good work.

Bubbles said...

I didn't see that one coming... Anyways Ukhtii i love your blog and was litrally waiting untill your next post..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A girl I know went through something similar to this. A lot of this unfortuntaly occurs in the Gulf where women and men really don't have a lot of contact. They marry women to play off their homosexuality but hang out in seedy nightclubs and are living a gay lifestyle. It's really sad.

david santos said...

Excellent work!
Happy Day!!!!

Lisa said...

Do you know how I love you for reading my blog and writing about my husband? Do you my dearest, sweetest Hell Fire?

Tears of gratitude*

Anybody who does not understand JUST WANTS TO GO TO THEIR HAPPY PLACE AND PRETEND THIS DOESN'T EXIST. But it does. And I applaude Hellfire endlessly for being courageous enough to write about it.

Thank you dearest one. Although I'm not sure it ever went this far with my husband, before we were married he walked in on his best Saudi friend in bed with a 40 year old woman at 20. Saudi friend asked if he would like to get in on it. Wouldn't doubt it actually happened WHILE we were married.

I love you endlessly for writing this dearest one.

Anonymous said...

salam aleykoum

it is just disgusting that such man exists Allah y ster

nice story i mean disgusting and sad story but nice the way u wrote it

Safiyyah said...

Hell Fire Furious Muslimah:

Me thinks you are envious :)

Anonymous said...

Ugghhh. These men are sick and twisted.
Alhamdulilah I know my husband.

Maryam said...

Wow, some of us have no idea what goes on in people's lives.

It's a well written story, but it's sad stuff like this actually happens : (

Anonymous said...

I am a non muslim. My boyfriend is Muslim. He has been seeing me in secret from his family. He says he wants to marry me, but his family will not accept me. He introduced me to the mother and she hated me - I am uncovered.My family were none to happy either. Nothing could keep us away from eachother, and so we kept seeing eachother in secret, its been 2 and a half years now, and eventually we started sleeping together. We were very careful: I got the mirena coil which is 99.9% effective contraception. Now, despite a 1 in 1000 chance, I am pregnant and he wants me to have an abortion. He says he cannot bear the humiliation. Humilitation? did you hear that? I am his humilitation. I am still secret from his family: they will never know what I am going through. Maybe some day, this man will marry a nice sweet young pious girl: whilst I carry the scars the rest of my life.
He claims he is a devout believer in the will of Allah.
Humph. Really doesnt seem that way.

Amirah said...

Salam walaikum sister,
I believe, like you, that it is important to educate others about the sad state of our Ummah, and I think your blog is quite successful in that effect. However, I think that this post is too graphic. As someone else said, it reads almost like pornography. I am not trying to criticize you or your intentions, I am just saying that your writing style may be construed as offensive to some, or may even unintentionally incite desire in others (I mean to say, unintentionally your part and on theirs. Perhaps they are reading because they like your blog and appreciate your "anger," but they stumble across a post like this and it provokes sinful thoughts in their mind). Sister I know it is not your intention to cause anyone harm, but I think that for sexual posts such as this, you may want to subdue the language even more than you say you already have. Their is simply too much detail. I hope I have not offended you, may Allah forgive me if I have. I am saying this only out of sincere concern, and the Almighty knows that my intention is not to embarrass you or cause you to feel ashamed. Please accept my most sincere apology if my comment causes any of these things.

Bec said...

This happens in all religions and all ethnicity. I personally don't think being homosexual or bisexual is a sin (not a member of a Abrahamic religion). However, cheating on your wife/gf/partner/husband/bf/lifemate is a sin/wrong. Beyond the the "simple" issue's of disease and mistrust, there are other things that are wrong with this situation. If you can't be honest with others you need to be honest with yourself. My friend's father was a closet homosexual to the day he died. He cheated on his wife for 22 years with men and even after the divorce he couldn't be honest to himself or his son. My friend lost a father, because instead of being in his son's life, the father cut his son out of his life because he (my friends father) couldn't deal with the shame. My friend only wanted his father and it sadden him. The father ended up dying because he smoked Formaldehyde laced Marijuana. So my friend had to bury his father because his father had to much pride and not enough humility for himself or care of others. I watched a grown man weep for what could have been.

Coolred38 said...

Wouldnt it be nice if people just showed you who they were ...regardless of what that was...up secrets or second lives.

Funny how all the people who thought it was all "too pornographic" still apparently read until the

interesting blog

jana z. said...

ok so i was saying, "ahmad?" took me a good second or two before i caught first i thought you were writing about MY ex until you got to the man with man thing lool.

lisa, reading your comment makes me just want to hug you big time!!

hugz girl.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Its sickening that this is common at all in the Ummah. I think there are a lot of sociological reasons why this happens. I do think that there are some biological factors involved, but I do think that anyone, with the help of God, can avoid the temptation to sin. Once we turn our lives over to God, he will help us live for him. These men unfortunately have hearts that are just as empty as their marriages.

tabz said...

i liked this.
and agree with the person who pointed out that people who complained about it being too graphic, still read to the end.
stuff makes you angry? im afraid i'll probably piss you off a bit then, since i'm not exactly a great muslim.
but i'l following your blog from now on... i liiike iti! *thumbs up*


~Sarah~ said...

Salaam uAlaikum,
If this is what you consider your beloved Islam then you are practicing a different Islam than I am.
My Islam is about peace, about understanding, about finding ways to help our brothers and sisters in Islam. It is NOT about writing pornographic stories and airing your "furry" (by the way it's spelled FURY). Do you really think by having a blog like this you are appealing to pious muslims? Do you truly think you are making dawah or spreading the correct image of Islam to non muslims who may encounter your blog? Personally I don't...Authoobillah. Instead of judging you, as you so freely are judging others, I will only say Allahu Ahlem...but I think you are invoking some fury yourself.
May Allah subhanahuwata'la guide us all and forgive us for our transgressions.

Lila said...

I think the worst part of this story is that the wife was lied to and deceived. Being cheated on would be a truly awful thing to go through. Being gay is not a sin, people are born gay. Why would anyone choose to be gay? The amount of anguish they receive from homophobes, many would say that if they could they would be straight, but they can't, it's how they were born. If God makes everything, he makes people straight & he makes people gay. Are you going to say he is wrong?